One of the best DIY wedding ideas I’ve ever come across is the use of paper flowers for wedding decor. At first it sounds a bit cheesy, but the potential for creativity is endless and the results are almost always very unique and modern. They are also wonderful because you can create the arrangements weeks […]

He proposed to her the very same day he bought the ring because he didn’t need to wait…he didn’t want to wait! He was just so anxious and excited to finally call the love of his life his “fiance.” Jocelyn and Kevin met while in training for their jobs several years ago, and their interaction […]

I’ll be completely honest. My biggest dream and goal as a photographer is to ultimately shoot film. My absolute favorite photographers of all time shoot exclusively film and my dream is to one day shoot solely film as well. Big problem: I’ve only used a professional film camera twice in my life! So I have […]

It’s no secret that I have the world’s most adorable nieces and nephews (no bias here, of course). All of them bring me so much joy and I love them as if they were my own children! Sadly, they are scattered all across the country, which makes me miss them even more. I do not […]

I’ve debated whether blogging about food would be appropriate and whether I could somehow tie it into weddings. Then it hit me that of course healthy foods are relevant to brides – what bride out there isn’t trying to get in the best shape possible for her wedding? And how great is it to know […]