This was a tough post. Why? Because after going through the photos, I was left with about 500 I had marked as “must blog.” There was just too much prettiness in this gorgeous wedding that it was very hard to narrow down my favorite photos of the day! Ann-Margret along with her planner and friend […]

When Min first told me the venue she and David had chosen for their wedding, I was very excited. The Palm House and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a picturesque venue for weddings with it’s weeping willows, blooming flower gardens, and stunning architecture. The couple said their vows under one of the garden’s towering willow […]

Today as you fell asleep in my arms, tears poured down my face because I am afraid that soon I will forget these precious moments with you. I always want to remember the way you feel warm and cuddled in my arms and the look of your delicate, porcelain, innocent face as you slowly drift […]

There are so many things to love about this beautiful New Jersey wedding. Jen and Sam were as sweet as can be and relished every moment of their wedding day. I loved witnessing the close family ties and deep friendships that Jen and Sam have cultivated over the years. Jen had impeccable taste with everything […]