Exactly a year ago this time we were strolling the charming streets and driving along the scenic, windy (and very scary) roads of the stunning, jaw dropping, I’m-gonna-give-birth-right-now Amalfi Coast of Italy. Ironically, I was not too far from my due date when we took this trip, which had to be postponed due to Hurricane […]

We finally made the trip we’ve been saying we would take for years. Every year around this time, the beautiful cherry blossoms of Washington D.C. bloom into beautiful shades of pink and white. However, the blooms only last about a week or so and peak season is different each year, so it can be a […]

I just can’t say enough good things about our trip to the UK. Our stay in London was the icing on the cake, and we can’t wait to go back someday! I’ve said this before, but our expectations of England were greatly exceeded. My greatest accomplishment on the trip was definitely the 4-hour double decker […]

Our trip to England was unexpected and planned at the last possible minute. Adrian received notice in late December that he’d have to travel to London in January for work, so we decided to make a little vacation out of it. We left a few days early and spent the long weekend exploring the south […]

This little English gem deserved a post all to itself. One of my favorite unexpected finds of our trip was our visit to The Goods Shed, a fresh local farmers market in the heart of Canterbury. The owner of the bed and breakfast where we stayed (see previous post) told us about this amazing little […]